Not at all. We can tailor every route to suit the individual and nobody will ever feel like they can't do it! We believe that every achievement is personal and welcome all abilities!  


No! We will help you to tailor your stay and do as much or as little as possible. You can even bring your family along to stay in our large house (sleeps 13) head off for a run and enjoy the afternoon with them. There might be other days you decide not to run at all. It is YOUR holiday and totally flexible.

I don't usually run off road will I be okay?

Most runners do tend to stick to the road. For convenience- It is easier to navigate, you can use street lighting, you can go for a quick run on your lunch break! At DRH we are very lucky to have Dartmoor on our doorstep and expert knowledge on how to run it. This is something we believe we can share with EVERYONE. There will be a kit-list we can help you with and you will never be unprepared. Your strava stats may get a little slower but I can assure you that you will be more interested in the breath taking scenery!

CaN I bring my dog?

The house welcomes 2 dogs. As long as you are happy running with your dog as it will remain the runners responsibility then please do so! However, do remember we will encounter many animals such as Sheep, Cattle and Ponies and best doggy behaviour will be required.

I am in training and would like some help!

This is definitely something we can help you with. Whether it is your first fell race and you would like some technical advise on how best to run up/down hills or you would like to add some excitement to a marathon training plan. Our varied list of guides can help you exceed your training goals. Try swapping a tough 18 mile road run, with 3 Hours in your legs on the Moors. You wont be dissapointed!

I like the sound of this but not sure if its for me.

Please contact us and we will design the holiday to suit YOU. Run as little or as much as you want, come with your club, bring the family. Stay for one night, Stay for 2 weeks. It is totally up to YOU.

*Cost PP may vary with requirements and nothing is set in stone, please contact and chat with us to find out more!

*We can offer additional services such as nutritional presentations, chiropractic treatment, make restaurant reservations at extra cost at a later date.

*The week is set to be flexible (Care will be taken to plan to the best weather conditions)!  

Please don’t hesitate to contact me and find out more.