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First Blog Post...

Writing a blog has been on the To-Do list for a long time... Reason's a blog has taken so long; first excuse lambing, second excuse the good weather came and there was too much work to do! Through-out all of that there was obviously time for some running (priorities)! Life often seems to be full of 'stuff' to do and I think I often forget to find time to do the things I want to do, rather than have to. With this glorious weather though every job becomes 100x more enjoyable and enthusiasm is ripe. Hence the first blog :D !

Another first was DRH first Guests of 2018. We welcomed two lovely ladies who booked separately but I think they will agree formed a great friendship by the end of the weekend. The Runners enjoyed some welcome cake on arrival before heading out for a 40 minute run to loosen off the legs after a long journey to us. Our qualified Yoga instructor Becca then visited the property and the runners were treated to a post run session. They were served a delicious home cooked meal and relaxed by the fire. Saturday started with a hearty breakfast, then we soon headed out for our Long Run. 3 glorious hours on Dartmoor, we met with friends and ran to the highest point on Dartmoor High Willhays (and enjoyed some flapjack)! Also reaching neighboring tors Westmill and Yes Tor. Saturday afternoon there was another welcome visit from sports massage therapist Sara. Sunday morning the guests decided after the weekends activities to just head out for a walk rather than run and enjoy the scenery and take some lovely photos.

It was very exciting to share my love of Dartmoor with two first time visitors and refreshing to share in the appreciation they had for its natural beauty.

Sometimes it’s good to step back and simply appreciate.

The only way is up ...!

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