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The time of year has come when the leaves begin to fall and you spend precious time before a run convincing yourself going will make you feel better or deciding whether you need a long or short sleeve T-shirt. Only to be a few minutes into the run and then come to the decision short sleeve would've been fine as you are already warm and now you have started running you definitely qualify for the extra piece of cake or as above Rocky Road... Moral of the story going for a run is always the right decision!

Many Runners like me will also be anxiously awaiting ballot decisions for the upcoming Spring events. Which seems crazy in itself as I am sure it just was Spring?! Anyway, I am in the London Marathon ballot for the 7th year running which makes me think - maybe it's just not meant to be! That leads me onto the most important part, do I actually want to get in? I'm sure I'm not the only person in this position. I know I will be disappointed if I don't get in. Yet I also know if I do get in I will panic as to whether my participation is physically possible as we begin the busiest time of the farming calendar. Well that's what we used to say until farming became a constant struggle all year round but that's another story! I don't think I'm the only person who can ever quite determine as to why I run in races. Recently I have found the most enjoyment I have got from Running Races is in entering new races of a smaller profile in which I can test myself and run for my own personal achievement rather than that of other people or even worse against the clock. We can become too entangled with constantly bettering ourselves that we forget the real purpose we run, for fitness, well being and most importantly FUN! Fate will decide whether I do run a Spring marathon. Whatever happens I will give it all my best shot and try not to overthink it (Impossible). And one thing is always certain. Going for a run is always a good idea!

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