1 Hour Guided Run...
This session will be run at a pace to suit the group and will take in some track and open moorland. We will see some points of interest, stunning views and experience open areas.
2 Hour Guided Run...
This timescale will allow us to venture further into the open moorland and push boundaries onto challenging terrain.
Day Run...
Aimed more at the experience off road and distance runner. We can run for up to 5 Hours meeting fuelling stations along the way
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Why run 'off-road'?

The benefits from off road running are endless. Many elite runners who race on road do the majority of their training ‘off road’ or on trails. Covering miles on soaer surfaces puts less pressure on joints, muscles and bones.

Firstly, to actually get the feeling of the motion ‘running’ I do not think there is any better way than throwing yourself into a route that goes up and down, twists and turns, is unpredictable and exciting.

Running on varying conditions under foot forces you to become a stronger more skilful runner. Often with off road running there is a variety of stride lengths used, foot strikes may become soaer and we initiate our own natural shock absorbing systems i.e. natural flex of the ankles, knees and hips. The uneven terrain also deters against ‘overuse’ injuries as the body is loaded differently, with less repetitive use of the same muscles and tissues.

Runners become more skilful, balance and control is improved. Moving quickly downhill, over rocks, bumps, tracks, streams 

increases agility and speed using different stride length. All of these factors encourage us to become more agile.

To me the main benefit with running off road is that it is more enjoyable. I feel a better connection to nature and the outdoors ina world which has become so focused on technology and materialistic ideologies. Without thinking I work on my endurance, strength, increase running skills and also replicate speed workouts without even trying.

No two runs are the same when off road running, even on the same routes! It’s not all about getting that PB like runners can

become obsessed with but it is all about having fun!

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