Dartmoor is the largest and wildest area of open countryside in Southern England. Dartmoor boasts stunning views, impressive granite tors, wide open spaces cut with winding flowing rivers. Dartmoor is also very friendly and accesible with something to offer everybody.

There is lots of evidence to suggest prehistoric settlement with the Bronze age period seeing a larger population of people moving into the area. Around 1000BC many left the area due to the cooler climate however in the medieval period many returned and began building houses with Dartmoor’s natural  resource ‘ granite rock’.  With the help of the Dartmoor national park work is continually being done to insure Dartmoor is remains sustainable and green for all to enjoy.

There are two main features which we will often come across on our runs Meldon Reservoir and Meldon Viaduct. Meldon Reservoir was opened in 1972. The Dam spans the valley of the West Okement River. It is 55 metres high and can hold some 300 million litres of water. Between 1861- 1972 eight reservoirs were built to satisfy the demanding need for water in the towns surrounding the moor.  Meldon Viaduct was built in 1874 and spans 165 metres over the remains of mineral mines. The views from the viaduct span across to Meldon Dam and reservoir to the south west.



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